Message Recorder Digital

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

The purpose of this digital electronics project is to record messages using a dedicated voice recorder integrated circuit.Recordings

are stored in a non volatile memory cells, which means that the message will still be saved even though power has been removed from the device.

Winbond’s ISD2500 Series provide high-quality, single-chip, Record/Playback solutions for 60 seconds to 120 seconds message applications. The CMOS devices include an on-chip oscillator, microphone preamplifier, automatic gain control, antialiasing filter, smoothing filter, speaker amplifier, and high density multi-level storage array. In addition, the ISD2500 is microcontroller compatible, allowing complex messaging and addressing to be achieved. Recordings are stored into on-chip nonvolatile memory cells.

Circuit Description

The ISD25120 has several modes of operation. The mode used here is as a multi-message recorder. You may record as many messages as you want up to 120 seconds of memory space.

Put the SPDT switch into the Record position and just push & release the Start/Pause button to start recording. The Record LED goes on. Push the Start/Pause button to Pause - stop recording. That is the end of Message 1. Sometime later you can record a follow on message, Message 2, by pushing the Start/Pause button again. When you put the switch to Play the messages will playback. Only one message will be played back at a time. You must push Start/Pause again to get the next message. The Reset switch will move the internal address pointer back to the start of the memory space.

Parts List

The parts list of the message recorder is shown as below.
The complete specifications of the Winbond The complete specifications of the Winbond ISD25120 IC can be obtained from ISD25120 Digital Elektronic Project Spesifications.